Advice for Life Science Start Ups

According to recent research* the percentage of small businesses that fail in the first year is 25%. This grows steadily in years two to three, before reaching 44% in year four for companies in the health industry, with only finance / insurance and real estate firms having a higher rate of failure. Pivotal Scientific focusses on start-ups and SMEs in the life science research sector of the health industry, providing companies with complete business advice and support in finding new customers and partners. Our success is purely down to the success of the companies that we work for.

It is for this reason that we decided to create a blog with articles contributed by individuals currently working in the industry; people who have experienced the ups and downs of working for small companies and eventually led them to long term growth and stability. The advice will cover all areas of setting up a business, including sales, marketing, building teams, networking and more. We hope you enjoy reading the articles and welcome your feedback!

* Source: Entrepreneur Weekly, Small Business Development Center, Bradley Univ, University of Tennessee Research – 1.1.2014

flow cytometry

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry allows researchers or clinicians to independently measure the properties of different types of cells, and to use quantitative measurements to classify and isolate cell based on these properties. It’s hugely powerful technique in biotech and a rapidly growing one. BCC Research, an analyst company, predicts that flow cytometry (FC) will grow to become, […]

Insights into Online Promotion Platforms in China

Overview There are a number of online promotion platforms available in China. Since Google is not accessible in China mainland, the most popular search engine and general promotion platform is Baidu. However, the audience of this search engine might not be the targeted group for companies in the Biotechnology research sector. On the other hand, […]

Pivotal Scientific: Industry Insights

Pivotal Scientific: Industry Insights We thought we’d start the new year by thinking a little about some of the trends currently facing the biotech industry, and in particular research reagents. As ever, in this fast moving sector, there’s a lot to consider and think about, and so we’ve looked briefly at just a few things […]

Just like you

Below is Tim Bernard’s interview from the book “Just Like You” published by Oxfordshire Business First, which profiles more than 50 entrepreneurs from Oxfordshire. How old were you when you started your first company, what was it and how did you find it? I was 43. It was Pivotal Scientific, a Biotech consultancy agency, and it was […]

Sue Timms

A day in the life of a PA

I usually arrive in the office at about 7:45am and my first job is to put the kettle on! I then switch my PC on and check my emails. Many of our clients are in the USA and Asia so overnight they answer emails that I have sent the previous day. Tim travels extensively but when […]

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