Life Science Distributor Database

PSL is pleased to announce the release of our complete list of life science distributors as a freely available online database. Our database includes up to date contact details of more than 500 distributors based around the world which are all focused on the sale of life science products including reagents, consumables and equipment. We have clearly categorized the sectors that each distributor specializes in (Immunology, Molecular Biology, IVD etc) and this can be searched for within our database.

To help with the decision making process PSL has created a new initiative called “PSL Recommends” whereby we recommend one life science distributor per country (where possible). Whilst we cannot guarantee their performance we have worked with all of the Recommended Distributors and have found them all to have the following characteristics:PSLRecommends

  • Excellent communication
  • Strong websites and quick to make product changes / updates
  • A market leader in their territory
  • Strong sales performance year on year

PSL has chosen these distributors often after working with them for more than twenty years during our “previous lives” as life science manufacturers. We have also developed further relationships since then when working on behalf of our 40+ manufacturers in the PSL Alliance: in both cases we have seen them up close in business situations and are happy to recommend them.

To learn more about our Distributor Database and terms of use please see our terms and conditions.

“I have been in the antibody industry for more than 20 years. I have founded and successfully sold a very reputable Antibody Company in USA (NeoMarkers, Inc. – founded in 1993 and sold in 2002 and today it is a part of Thermo-Fisher). I am very well connected to the Biotech Distributors, Antibody Manufacturers, Suppliers and Sellers throughout the world. When I received an email about PSL’s Databases, I thought that I have nothing to gain because I already have a pretty good knowledge of what is out there. In any case, I subscribed to two Databases from PSL (Distributor and Antibody Manufacturer / Supplier).

I spent several hours going thru all the listed companies. I am pleased to say that I learned a lot about a number of new companies which I did not know before. No doubt, PSL has done a fabulous job collecting all this information in one place. Anybody in the Antibody Industry will be highly benefited by going through them and taking action after learning about new companies all over the world.

My sincerest congratulations to PSL’s team for taking this initiative which help all of those who are in the antibody space. Good Luck and keep up the good work. Thanks.”

Atul K. Tandon President & CEO