To help you promote your company we have provided a number of sponsorship options where you have the opportunity to promote your Brand, products or services to a wide audience. Sponsorship is the financial or in-kind support of an activity, used primarily to reach specified business goals.

Sponsorship should not be confused with advertising. Advertising is considered a quantitative medium, whereas sponsorship is considered a qualitative medium. It promotes your company in association with ourselves.

Why Sponsor?

  • Enhancing image
  • Driving sales
  • Creating positive publicity
  • Heightening visibility

If you are interested in any of our sponsorship options please contact: Richard Atkins at: Richard@pivotalscienfic.com

Sponsorship TypePriceBenefitsNumber of Sponsorships Available
Website Sponsorship£500 for 4 months
£1,250 for 1 year
Sponsor on any chosen Antibody Resource Page1 per page
Event Sponsorship
(Such as Pivotal Scientific Limited networking event)
£2,000 per eventLogo on event flyer and online announcements / social media focus by Pivotal Scientific LimitedNo restrictions
Booth Sharing£2,500 per showLogo on event flyer and online announcements / All event booking completed by Pivotal Scientific Limited for the event.2 sponsors per exhibition
Newsletter Sponsorship£100 per advert once a monthTo have an advert sent in the PSL general newsletter once a monthNo restrictions