Pivotal Scientific’s Recommended Distributors
Worldwide Distributor Database 
(500+ Life Science distributors)

Our database includes up to date details of more than 500 distributors based around the world which all specialise in life science products including reagents, consumables and equipment.

To help with the decision making process Pivotal Scientific has created “PSL Recommends” an initiative where we recommend one life science distributor per country (where possible). You can find out more about the qualities needed for distributors to qualify as a Pivotal Scientific Recommended Distributor in the section above titled “Qualities of a Pivotal Scientific Recommended Distributor”.

We are currently searching for recommended distributors in the following regions: Canada and Africa

If you think your company fits this criteria and would like to be considered as one of Pivotal Scientific’s Recommended Distributors – please get in contact.

To see our current recommended distributors please go to the “List of Pivotal Scientific’s Recommended Distributors” section. If you would like to be introduced to one of the companies in this list feel free to contact us.

If you would like to download a printable PDF on recommend distributor information please click here.