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In our digital age there are many ways to hunt out new candidates or find new job opportunities, numerous ways to connect, network or advertise. But despite all these ways to broadcast your message, there’s still an element of serendipity, and the unknown, involved in life science recruitment. Because of this we wanted to briefly highlight our recruitment services in this blog post.

Recruitment isn’t the only thing we do at Pivotal, but this is no weakness, we don’t want to just fill a personnel gap, we want the companies and industry colleagues we work with – our peers and future peers – to be full of only the best possible people. We take on candidates who we think would be genuine assets to the companies who will employ them.

We’ve spent a long time working in the life sciences sector, at many different levels, so we know that finding the right people to work with – be they focussed on science and research or on business services – is the key to growing a successful business.

We don’t see recruitment as just about selecting candidates based on a CV and a phone call. How individuals and an organisation are likely to gel, is a huge part of finding the right fit, a fit that’s long standing and works for everyone involved. Because of this, Pivotal can match individuals and organisations who we’ve either worked with, seen their work, or know well; in short, we know them personally.

As part of this, we’d like to highlight one of our peers, from the Nottingham area, who recently came to us, having been informed they are part of a group shortly to be made redundant. They are typical of the type of highly skilled and motivated individuals we work with. Having earned a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Virology from the University of Birmingham in 1999 they went on to develop an impressive track record in senior Product and Business Development positions with a demonstrated impact in the organisations they worked for.

We are very keen to find a position for this candidate, as we believe they have the potential to make a great impact for a new organisation. So if you are looking for a proven Product or Operations Manager in the Midlands area, please do get in touch with us. And if you’re interested in finding out more about some of our other candidates or roles we have available, you can get an overview here, or, alternatively get in touch with us here.

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