Industry News

Absolute Antibody

PSL Alliance member, Absolute Antibody, are pleased to announce a 195% growth in engineered antibodies. To view their June 2017 press release, please click here.

Innova Biosciences

Tim Bernard steps down from the Innova Biosciences Board following their  successful acquisition by SYGNIS AG. To view the press release please click here. 

Pivotal Scientific Reagents

Primary Reagents

Antibodies to Peptide and Thyroid Hormones

                                                                              Code              Stock                          Purity

FSH (Solid Phase AB)          mouse mc                  FOX.3             560 mg                       PG

FSH (Labelled AB)               mouse mc                  MIX.11           2 mg                           PG

HCG (Solid Phase AB)        mouse mc                  DAG.1            910 mg                       PG

HCG (Labelled AB)             mouse mc                  BIS.3               20 mg                         PG

LH (Solid Phase AB)            mouse mc                  BIS.1               1650 mg                     PG

LH (Labelled AB)                 mouse mc                  MIX.11           See FSH MIX.11        PG

PRL (Solid Phase AB)          sheep pc                    PAS.9              2960 mg                     Amm.S Cut

PAS.9              450 mL                       Neat Antiserum

PRL (Labelled AB)               mouse mc                  PAS.12            460 mg                       Caprylic A. Cut

TSH (Solid Phase AB)          mouse mc                  BIS.6               49 mg                         PG

TSH (Labelled AB)               mouse mc                  MIX.11           See FSH MIX.11        PG

Antibodies to Steroids                                     Code              Stock                          Purity

Progesterone-11-HS             mouse mc                  FOX.9             520 mg                       PG

Estradiol – 6 – CMO             sheep pc                    B.6                   70 mg                         PG

B.6                   200 mL                       Neat Antiserum

Estrone-3-glucuronide                    rabbit pc        RCO.8            18 mL                         Neat Antiserum Pregnanediol-3-glucuronide          rabbit pc        PGO.1            25 mg                         Amm.S Cut                                                                                        PGO.1            50 mL                         Neat Antiserum

Purified Pituitary Hormones for iodination/calibration


Code           Stock              Purity

Follicle Stimulating Hormone                               FSH1               60 mg             iodination/calibration

Luteinising Hormone                                              LH1                180 mg           iodination/calibration

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone                              TSH1              100 mg           iodination/calibration

Secondary Reagent

Code              Stock                          Purity

Goat anti-Rabbit IgG                                               GAR.77          9000 mg                     Amm.S Cut

GAR.77          200 mL                       Neat Antiserum

PG = Affinity purified: Protein G, Protein A, Prosep A

Amm. S Cut = Ammonium Sulphate Cut of neat antiserum

Caprylic A, Cut = Caprylic Acid Cut of neat antiserum or ascites

mc = monoclonal

pc = polyclonal

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the above stock items.