Chinese Services

Chinese Services

Pivotal Scientific are pleased to offer three key Chinese services to their clients. With the help of Fan Sha, our Business Development Manager based in Wuhan, China has never been so accessible to western companies.

The three key areas are:

  1. Chinese Digital Marketing
  2. Setting up an office in China
  3. Chinese distribution and manufacturing training

Chinese Life Science Presentation

Fan Sha presented on how western companies can enter the Chinese Life Science Market during the Pivotal Scientific Annual networking event 2017. To view this year’s presentation, please click here.

1. Chinese Digital Marketing

Is your website really accessible to Chinese Users?

 Generally, the loading speeds of websites of western companies are quite slow. Indeed, most of the time, your website is inaccessible to Chinese end users at all. Please contact us if you would like us to test the loading speed of your website.

To solve this problem, we provide a  service for you to migrate your website data to a Chinese server and, thus, improve users’ experience with your website significantly.

Chinese Website Development & Hosting:

  •  Website Translation into Chinese
  • Website Development including Web Page Design, Front Page Picture Edit etc.
  • Website Data Migration
  • Website Server Rental

Promoting your brand within China can involve the use of Chinese online platforms:

  •  Registration in Chinese e-trade platform – Biomart
  • Company profile and product info edit in Biomart
  • Biomart banner Ad Design

Biomart is the leading e-platform for Chinese researchers to search for products needed for their lab work in biological field. The traffic visiting this website is significant (638.6K visits in the last 6 months according to statistics analysis by and could be good platform for western Biotech companies to promote brand awareness and product details.

Biomart Service Options:

  •   Biomart provides membership to Biotech companies
    • Each contracted member will have a sub-page to introduce their company and other general information
    • Each contracted member can log in product entries for user to search
  • Banner ads
    • Both Bioon and Biomart provide this option on their home page
    • Each banner ad could link to a sub-page to either specify the promotion plan or other information
  • Online to offline promotion
    • Biomart provides online forum for further discussion in technique related topics
    • Biomart organizes many conferences through the year and these are options for advertising
 There are a variety of online promotion platforms available in China. Since google is not accessible in China mainland, the most popular search engine and general promotion platform is Baidu. However, the audience of this search engine might not be the targeted group for companies in Biotechnology research sector. On the other hand, online platforms specialized in Biotechnology research sector are more effective in advertising among targeted audience.

We are co-operating with Biomart which is the leading e-trade platform in China in research reagent sector to promote your brand awareness and product detail online. We offer help in Biomart registration, banner ad design on the homepage etc.

2. Setting up your Chinese Office

In helping our clients setting up a new office in China, there are three ways. The first is to set up a representative office to promote brand without any direct transaction with end users or distributors. In this way, there will be some paper work for western companies in registration for license and we can offer help in this. The second way is to find a Chinese partner to establish a merged company and we can help in searching for a suitable Chinese partner for merging. The third way is to establish a branch office completely on themselves to have direct business with clients. Once the office is established, we could offer help in recruiting staff for them. Please let me know if there is anything unclear. Thanks!

Hubei is the New Free Trading Zone in China. Want to Know How This can Benefit Your Business?

Three cities (Wuhan/YIchang/Xiangyang) in Hubei province in China have been selected as newest free trading zones in China. In recent years, China opens up several free trading zones in Shanghai, Guangdong, Tianjin and Hubei etc. In these free trading zones, you could benefit from favorable policies in tax and currency exchanging. Besides, there are a number of Bio-Med parks providing supportive services for new entering companies, such as discount in office rental fee etc.

Wuhan biolake is one of the biggest bioparks in China. With lower cost in central China and sufficient graduates in Wuhan, the value of setting up a new office in Wuhan is increasing after the establishment of free trading zone in the city. We provide one stop shop for you if you are considering setting up a new office in China including policy consultancy, license registration, office rental and staff recruitment etc.

  • Representative Office Registration
  • Search for Chinese Partner in Merged Corporate
  • Human Resource Recruitment

3. Distribution and Manufacturing

Pivotal Scientific are able to assist business with both distribution and manufacturing within China.

Distribution Services

  •  Search for Chinese Manufacturers
  • Communication between Western Distributors and Chinese Manufacturers
  • Manufacturer Survey
  • Product Line Review including Manufacturing Overview and Suggested Supplier in Particular Product Line

Manufacturing Services

  •  Search for Primary Chinese Distributors
  • Discussion about Market Plan & Sales Review with Distributors
  • Distributor Training