Company Health Check

Too busy to take a step back and review what  is working for your business and what isn’t?

Pivotal Scientific can help you decide which direction your company needs to take with the Pivotal Scientific Health Check.

  • This service measures how your business is performing and helps you determine where you need to focus your resources to achieve secure and successful growth.

What does the Pivotal Scientific Company Health Check assess?


  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business Plan
  • Sales & Marketing Plan


  • Financial Plan
  • Management Accounts
  • Cash Flow
  • Credit / Debtor Management


  • Business Systems
  • Operation processes


  • Production Plans
  • R&D Plan
  • New Product Pipeline Strategy


  • Company Culture
  • Staff Development
  • People Performance
  • People Development


  • Contracts Review
  • Company Rules
  • Data Protection
  • T&Cs / Privacy Policy

How is it carried out?

  1. We visit you company for a full day of discussion
  2. Within two weeks we will produce a +20 page detailed report where we suggest actions to improve performance that can be acted upon immediately and also for the long term (next 12 months to a 2 year period)
  3. Overall we help you identify and prioritise your problem areas and work with you to overcome them.

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