Manage Distributors

Are you struggling with any of the following?

  • How to find the best life science distributors
  • How to get distributors to agree to sell your products
  • How to motivate distributors
  • Whether you should have exclusive, sole or non-exclusive distributors?
  • How much discount to give distributors
  • And more…

Pivotal Scientific can help support you with our:

  1. One-on-one distributor training sessions
  2. Distributor management service

Distributor Training

Pivotal Scientific offers a single day of training for your distributor managers: we will answer all of the questions above and more based on our more than 30 years’ experience in working with distributors all over the world. By working on a one-on-one basis your staff will be able to ask as many company specific questions as they need to get actionable insights that they can use on your own distributors. As part of the service Pivotal Scientific will provide template documents of distribution agreements, supplier product list templates and more.

Distributor Management Service

It should be no surprise that distributors tend to focus their efforts on their biggest suppliers. Communication is key: if you’re able to give distributors easy ways to promote your products, and show them the advantages of your products over the competition then they will have an easier job doing the same to their customers. For this reason managing distributors is a full time job. If you’re unable to afford the salary of an extra employee just for your distributors, then you might want to use Pivotal Scientific’s management service.

We will work closely with your staff to give them insights into how distributors work and what they can do to get them to sell more. We will then communicate on your behalf with your distributors, and make sure that they are working hard to put your brand to the top of their list of key suppliers. We will agree sales targets with each distributor and work with them so they surpass their targets on your behalf.

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